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So, you think you ready to get your shop on?

You said you wanted more of me, and I damn sure want to give it to you!

"Fuck With Who Fuck With You" Collectables (You'll be rocking my signature, because the "100" is my personal handwriting!)

Email me @newsenseshopify@gmail.com for details and quotes on how to get your custom made towel coat today!

(I DO NOT sell licensed characters, I sell designs tailored out of paid for retail licensed materials. You do not have to choose the character/logo you see on my samples. We have the ability to print on towels so, yes, get fucking creative!!) This is my hooded fun fur design. I had to use my bitch, Wonder Woman!

Yep, fuck it, get you an entire outfit. Let's add some leather to the sleeves and a matching leather skirt.

I used licensed and purchased Betty Boop towels for this design. Email me at newsenseshopify@gmail.com to tell me how you see yours! Imma hook you up the right way!

Come on in closer... Yeah, custom means custom. You can choose from thousands of readily available licensed character towels, or send in an image file to have your custom, well...customized!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. YOU CAN HAVE A TOWEL COAT WITH YOUR FAMILY'S PICTURE AS THE PRINT. NO LIMITS. Email me at newsenseshopify@gmail.com for further inquiry and quotes.

Have a photo with me, or a favorite NewSense quote, that you'd like added to any of the products?

Just email me at newsenseshopify@gmail.com with the picture (and/or quote) and which product(s) you'd like personalized, and I'm going to make it happen. Also find a LINK TO MY CD BABY ONLINE MUSIC STORE AND AMAZON LINKS TO MY LYRIC BOOK "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" BELOW!!


You have absolutely NO IDEA what's about to happen for Chicago 2018 and beyond. I'm so happy to be Queen. Want more of me? Click one of the links at the bottom of the page. I LOVE YOU! Thanks for shopping with me!

You should try one of my pillows.

You said you always wanted to sleep with me, right?

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You can find the CDbaby link to my music and the Amazon link to my lyric book "That's What She Said" on the bottom of any page!